If you suffer from anxiety or even fear when you think about going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Studies show that anywhere from 30 percent to 60 percent of Americans fear dental procedures—even routine cleanings—and many put off dental appointments for months or even years due to those fears.

At Willow Chase Dentistry, we understand the fears that many people have about dental appointments and procedures. But we also know how vitally important it is for people to get routine checkups and cleanings, as that’s the most effective way to prevent serious oral health problems from developing or worsening.

That’s why we offer minimal sedation dentistry. Unlike general anesthesia, patients who are minimally sedated remain conscious and aware of their surroundings, but they experience deep relaxation and a significant reduction in anxiety and fear during dental appointments and procedures.

There are two types of minimal sedation dentistry: oral and inhalation:

Oral sedation–Patients who opt for oral sedation are prescribed an anxiety-reducing medication that they can take before they arrive at our office. If necessary, we can provide an additional pill after they arrive to further improve their comfort levels.

Nitrous sedation—Patients who want fast-acting sedation may choose nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas that causes feelings of relaxation and comfort when it’s inhaled. We administer nitrous oxide to patients through a small tube that’s placed directly underneath the nose.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll be much better able to handle your dental-related anxieties, fears, and phobias—especially with our warm and welcoming dental staff helping you through every aspect of your appointment, cleaning, and examination.

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Don’t let fear of the dentist hold you back from getting the smile and excellent oral health you deserve. Minimal sedation dentistry makes routine dental appointments easy for even the most dental phobic patients. Contact Willow Chase Dentistry today or request an appointment online today.