Minimal Sedation Dentist

Minimal Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel stress, apprehension, or even fear when you go to the dentist? At Willow Chase Dentistry, we know that many patients suffer from serious dental phobias for everything from major dental procedures to fillings to even routine cleanings and checkups. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer or put your oral health at risk because of this very common fear.

Minimal sedation dentistry allows you to schedule dental appointments with confidence and the freedom from what is otherwise an often-debilitating fear. Don’t wait to get the dental care you need—get in touch with our office today and find out how we can manage your anxiety with our two non-invasive solutions.

Oral Medication vs Inhalation Sedation

When you speak with our dental team, it’s important that you let us know about any fear, anxiety, or stress that you feel about going to the dentist or having dental procedures performed. The more information we have, the better we’ll be able to fine-tune your experience and any sedation you might require.

If you decide to be sedated for your office visit, you have two highly effectively options to choose from:

Oral medication
Our dental team knows that dental fears and phobias aren’t just limited to the time you’re in our office. You may begin feeling stress and anxiety in the hours leading up to your appointment. If that’s the case, you may benefit from oral sedation. We’ll prescribe a pill that you can take before you arrive at our office, and if necessary, we’ll provide more just before you’re seen by the dentist to make sure you stay relaxed and comfortable.

Nitrous oxide
For an extremely fast-acting sedation therapy, you can’t go wrong with nitrous oxide. This nearly odorless gas is administered by placing a small tube directly underneath your nostrils. As you inhale the gas, you’ll begin feeling more relaxed and comfortable right away. And because you’ll remain awake throughout the cleaning or dental procedure, you’ll be able to communicate with the dentist and make sure he or she is aware of your needs throughout the process.

Sango’s Choice for Minimal Sedation Dentistry
Whether you or a family member suffers from dental fear and anxiety, our dental team is here to help. It’s our goal to make sure every patient gets the dental care he or she deserves, even in the face of extreme fears and phobias. Let our minimal sedation therapy help you rethink dental offices and procedures. Schedule an appointment today!