Brushing your teeth at least twice per day is essential for excellent oral hygiene, but no dental care routine is complete without flossing. Many people skip flossing because their mouths “feel” clean after brushing, or because they don’t have a problem with cavities when they go to their dental checkups.

At Willow Chase Dentistry, we know that flossing is misunderstood. To help dispel some of the confusion, here are a list of facts and myths about flossing:

Fact: Brushing doesn’t remove all of the plaque and bacteria in your mouth on its own.

Even if your mouth feels clean after brushing, it may still contain a large amount of cavity-causing plaque and bacteria in the spaces between your teeth. Only flossing can target those areas effectively.

Myth: Flossing damages gums.

It’s common for people to decide to start flossing, only to give up after noticing that their gums bleed or appear inflamed afterward. However, seeing blood or signs of inflammation during and after flossing often indicate signs of gum disease and aren’t due to flossing itself.

Fact: Flossing can save your life.

Flossing isn’t just great for your oral health—it’s also good for your overall health. When gums become damaged due to plaque buildup, bacteria can enter the bloodstream. That bacteria can travel to the heart and other organs, and is linked to heart attacks and even the development of diabetes.

Myth: It’s okay to skip flossing if your teeth are crowded.

If there’s not much space between your teeth, flossing can initially seem difficult, and you may even think it’s unnecessary. But tight teeth are even more likely to trap food, making flossing essential for maintaining good oral hygiene.

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