Your gums are soft mucosal tissue that surround and seal your teeth. They protect your teeth, including their roots and nerves, from bacteria and other potential harms. They also keep bacteria from reaching deeper tissues in your mouth as well as your bloodstream.

Gums play an important role in oral health, but for many people, they can detract from their smiles. That’s because many people feel like their gums are too big in relation to the size of their teeth. When a person’s gums are very prominent in their smiles, they may be viewed as having a “gummy smile.”

While this is a harmless condition health-wise, many people dislike the way their gummy smiles look. Thankfully, there are highly effective procedures for reducing the appearance of a gummy smile.

Gingivectomy Reduces the Appearance of a Gummy Smile

One of the most common and effective ways to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile is through a gingivectomy. This procedure involves the removal of excess gum tissue to reveal more of a person’s teeth when they talk and smile. Gingivectomies are treatments performed under local anesthetic, and they may involve the use of a scalpel or laser to trim back excess gum tissue.

The recovery process for a gingivectomy is short, and most people experience some soreness and bleeding for about a week afterward. Some people may need more than one procedure to fully remove all excess gum tissue. However, a gingivectomy is likely to result in a permanent reduction of gum tissue, which means that people who get it done don’t have to worry about their gums growing back over time.

Gingivoplasty Reshapes the Appearance of the Gums

Another procedure that can help reduce the appearance of a gummy smile is a gingivoplasty. Instead of cutting away excess gum tissue, a gingivoplasty works to reshape gum tissue. It’s also known as gum countouring or gum recontouring. Like a gingivectomy, a gingivoplasty can be accomplished using either a scalpel or a laser.

Crown Lengthening Makes Teeth Appear More Prominent Compared to Gums

Another option for gummy smile reduction is crown lengthening. This procedure involves removing excess gum tissue and even bone in some cases around the upper teeth. This helps the front teeth appear longer and more prominent in a person’s smile compared to their gums.

Laser Treatments Are Often Same-Day Procedures

Whether you are a good candidate for a gingivectomy or a gingivoplasty, it’s important to know that laser treatments for both are considered same-day procedures, especially for minor cases. That means that you’ll experience very little downtime and can be back at work the next day.

And although all types of gummy smile-correcting procedures involve recovery, laser treatments involve less downtime, pain, and recovery than surgical options.

Willow Chase Dentistry Is Here to Help with Your Gummy Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If you’re uncomfortable with your smile because of excess gum tissue, we want to help. You have many options for improving the appearance of your smile, including gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, and crown lengthening.

At Willow Chase Dentistry, we have years of experience correcting gummy smiles. In fact, Dr. Hnarakis is both a general dentist and a Board-Certified Periodontist, which means he has the unique expertise and training to handle all types of gum-related problems and cosmetic issues.

Request a dental appointment today to find out how we can help you correct your gummy smile. It’s our goal to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.