Teeth grinding—also known as bruxism—isn’t just disruptive to the sleep of sufferers and their partners—it’s also extremely damaging to teeth and jaw muscles. Many people who suffer from teeth grinding do it every night while they’re asleep. Over time, the constant friction can result in wearing of tooth enamel, jaw pain, headaches, and ear aches.

Experts believe that teeth grinding is often caused by high stress levels that persist during sleep. When stress levels are reduced, teeth grinding is also less prevalent. The National Institutes of Health recommends that people who suffer from teeth grinding try the following stress-reduction methods:

Meditation—The Mayo Clinic says that even a few minutes of meditation can help reduce daily stress. Meditation can be performed almost anywhere, including while you’re out for a walk, riding the bus, or even in the middle of a meeting. There are several types of meditation, but they almost all involve focused attention, relaxed breathing, and an open mind.

Massage—Stress can manifest itself in muscles throughout the body, including those in the neck, shoulders, and face. When people suffering from stress fall asleep, some of that tension may be unconsciously relieved via teeth grinding. Massaging sore and tight muscles can help dissipate built-up tension.

Relaxation—If you carry stress in your neck or jaw muscles, you may be able to begin correcting the problem immediately by focusing on relaxing those muscles throughout the day. Any time you catch yourself tensing up, take a few moments to purposely relax tense muscles around your jaw. Over time, you’ll find yourself tensing those muscles less and less—and that can decrease teeth grinding at night.

Willow Chase Dentistry Is Clarksville’s Choice for Teeth Grinding Treatment

If you’ve grind your teeth for a long time, your enamel may be seriously damaged. That can necessitate the replacement of some or all of your teeth. At Willow Chase Dentistry, we provide several solutions for worn, damaged, or missing teeth, including dentures.

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