The ramifications of having bad breath can be enormous in today’s world. Not only can it cost you romantically and socially, but it can even cost you professional.

For many people, bad breath is something that they only experience occasionally. But for others, bad breath is a chronic problem. When people have frequent or constant bad breath, it goes from being a potential source of embarrassment to a potential symptom of a serious problem.

Here are a few causes of both temporary and chronic bad breath:

You are what you eat—and that’s never truer than when it comes to your breath! Certain foods are notorious for causing bad breath, including garlic, onions, and foods that contain high levels of strong spices.

Whether you smoke cigarettes or go smokeless, tobacco use is strongly associated with bad breath. Not only does it produce a telltale odor on its own, but it can also contribute to oral health conditions that cause bad breath themselves.

Poor oral hygiene
If you don’t brush your teeth and floss frequently, you’re going to have bad breath. There’s no way around it! In addition, failing to get regular cleanings from your dentist can also result in bad breath, as plaque and bacteria will inevitably build up in places you can’t see or reach.

Dry mouth
Saliva is extremely important for your oral health and keeping bacteria and bad breath at bay. When it is reduced because of things like alcohol, age, and various health conditions, bacteria can flourish, resulting in chronic bad breath.

Illness and disease
Certain illnesses can show up in a person’s breath. Diabetes is well-known for causing bad breath, as are sinus infections and certain respiratory conditions. Gum disease, especially when accompanied by cavities, can also result in bad breath.

We Can Help You Prevent and Treat Bad Breath

The thought of walking around with bad breath can be mortifying, but sometimes, the issue lies deeper than simply forgetting to brush your teeth or eating strong foods. By staying on top of your oral hygiene and getting regular cleanings and preventative care, you can keep bad breath at bay. And if you do notice chronic bad breath, our dental experts can quickly identify its cause and create a plan to treat it.

Request a dental appointment today. You shouldn’t have to worry about bad breath, and we’ll do everything we can to keep your mouth clean and healthy for years to come.